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Women’s Centre Uzice (WCU) was registered on 4th August, 1998, resulting from an initiative made by 15 women and with the aim to start discussing the real status of women, their rights and abilities at the local level, and thus enhance their self-confidence, and make them take action in using their own rights and strengthening themselves economically.

The main objective of the organization is to improve the position and quality of life of women, especially of women from vulnerable groups by:

a) identifying women’s needs and problems, as well as their potentials, raising public awareness of their status and increasing transparency of this issue among policy creators;

b) organizing women in order to empower them economically, become independent, make connections with other organizations and include them into a women’s network at the regional and national levels.


Women center Užice, Mališe Atanackovića br.3, 31108 Užice

  • Phone: 031/512-005

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