Donate and receive wardrobes

Service for the collection, sorting and donation of textiles

It started working in July 2010 as a result of the project "By collecting and recycling textile to sustainable social services for the population" with the goal of finding sustainable solutions to alternative forms of social services, with a quarterly financial support of the city through ‘The competition for social reform of the city and assistance of "MPP Jedinstvo" Sevojno, which provided the space for our work (200 m2).

Goals of the service:

  • Assistance to socially vulnerable population, by donating usable textiles.
  • Contribution to increasing employment of women from vulnerable groups, as a form of prevention of long-term unemployment and social exclusion.
  • Education of the population about the importance of environmental protection and promotion of the concept of primary waste selection.

Activities of the service:

  • Collecting waste textiles
  • Sorting the collected textiles into usable and unusable textile for recycling.
  • Donating usable textiles to the users of the service.
  • The selection and categorization of textile for recycling purposes.
  • Keeping records of received and issued textiles.
  • Collecting textiles from citizens who are unable to bring them themselves (old and sick people, people with disabilities and others.)
  • Periodic campaigns informing the population about the manner and time of the collection of used textiles.

Method of work of the service:

  • Collection is carried out every day from 8-16 h by disposing of textiles into two specialized containers for textiles or by bringing them to the premises of the service.
  • Donaton takes place on Thursdays and Fridays from 10-14h (an ID card is necessary.
  • The manner and amount of donation is regulated by the Book ofregulations on donations.

Our work so far

The service works thanks to the support of the National Employment Agency and the public works program, fantastic voluntary work of our associates, as well as the willingness of citizens to dispose of waste textiles.

  • The program of public works of the NEA allows periodic employment (from 3 to 6 months) to 11 women from vulnerable groups, 6 of whom are with disabilities.
  • An established network for collection involving citizens, institutions, schools, associations.
  • 280 families from socially vulnerable groups are permanent service users / we supply them withclothes and other household textiles.
  • So far, 22,500 pieces of clothes and other household textiles have been donated to both permanent and temporary users.
  • 45 tons of textiles for recycling have been sorted.

Our location

On the premises of 'Frotex', the former textile factory, the address is Mališe Atanackovića 3, 31000 Užice

Contact:  Marina Tucović

Tel. 031/572-906; 069/750-231


Women center Užice, Mališe Atanackovića br.3, 31108 Užice

  • Phone: 031/512-005

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