The visit of representative of the EU Delegation in Republic of Serbia

Recycling center Uzice had the honor to host representative of the European Union Delegation in the Republic of Serbia, Mrs. Elizabeth Sartorel, Project Manager for the Cross-border Programme, whom came to see the results of the project which was completed at the end of July this year.

New containers for textile

Thanks to the initiative “DobroCiniTi” - Catalyst Foundation provided another container for textiles. Now we have the three containers of which two are located at the Center for the recycling of textiles in the street Malisa Atanackovic No.1 (ex-factory Froteks) while the one is located at the new location on ST. Sava Square (on the corner at the Gymnazium, across the Vojvodjanska bank).

The final conference of the Project

The final conference of the "Textile recycling to sustainable solutions" project, which is implemented in partnership association of "Women's center Uzice" and "SOS Hotline for Women and Children Victims of Violence Nikšić", the National Employment Service - Branch Office Užice, National Employment Agency of Montenegro - Nikšić Branch and Zlatibor Regional Development Agency from Užice, was held in the beautiful setting of the Nikšić Theatre.

New visit of Technical School students

After the visit of the third-graders of Technical School on Friday, 15 May, 2015. The centre for recycling textile was visited by the fourth-graders of Technical School - technicians for recycling, with their teacher Tatjana Ćosović.
The students were introduced to the work of the Centre for recycling and participated in the workshop - How and why to recycle textiles.

Completed activity "Towards Easter"

The clothes collected during the charity activity called "Towards Easter" were delivered to Retex. The activity was organized by the youth of SPS in cooperation with the Women's Center Uzice, in order to provide new quantities of clothes for the needs of the users for the service of textiles donation.

6th meeting of the Joint Project Team

After a full year of joint realization of the project, representatives of partner organizations gathered in Nikšić for the sixth time to discuss the next steps and agreed on the joint action in the months to come. Among the topics that were the subject of the meeting , the most important ones were the organization of a joint exhibition of products from recycled fabrics and the final project conference in Nikšić.

Aurea Awards 2015

At the ceremony at Belgrade Aeroklub on Wednesday 25 March, the main prize and two special awards: for innovation and social utility were presented to the winners. The awards ceremony was attended by numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps, business community and media. In an extremely strong competition from large companies and entrepreneurs, our recycling center textiles had the honor to receive a special award for social utility.

Technical school at the recycling center

Today, our recycling textile center was visited by third-year students of the Technical School, who are being trained to become recycling technicians. With their teachers Tatjana Ćosović and Nada Jovičić, within their practical training, the students were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work of the Centre as well as to practically see the very process of recycling textiles. During the visit, a workshop on the topic of ‘How and why to recycle textiles’ was held.

Memorandum of Understanding

The official opening of the Center for the recycling of textiles was also an opportunity for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Women's Center Užice, Zlatibor Regional Development Agency and Art School. With this act, the three organizations agreed on the good will and readiness to join their resources and capacities together in defining and establishing the functional models of sustainable recycling of textiles in Užice and Zlatibor region.


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