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You'll get a medal along with a pizza for a Present! Click the Map within the upper left corner. Afterwards, pick the coffee maker supporting the penguin.
A crab can get captured within the snare as well as the mysterious animal will run away. Visit with the pizza parlor and obtain among the chocolates and among the sunny sauces. Set along with the crab in your stock. Now, place all over the water.

How to Get Started with Club Penguin Walkthrough Secret of the Fur?
G will request that you ask the Crab some questions. If you beloved this information and also you want to receive more information regarding club-penguin-walkthrough-secret-of-the-fur.flashgames2008.com kindly check out our web site. As it includes a number of the friends you've made through the Island this mission is truly big.
Open your map and continue to the Dock. Click in your map and decide on the Dock. Open your map and visit the Seashore. Click on your own map and pick the Mountain.
Now it is possible to grab the 1 penguin beneath the tree. Shed 1 penguin each of the means down to obtain the 3rd Website URL: http://club-penguin-walkthrough-secret-of-the-fur.flashgames2008.com/